Discovering, developing and delivering

For almost 100 years, we have been translating the unmet medical needs of people living with a serious chronic disease into innovative medicines and delivery systems, like our insulin pens. 

Our treatments today are benefiting millions of people living with diabetes, obesity, and rare blood and endocrine diseases. 

From our labs to our factory floors, we are discovering and developing innovative biological medicines and making them accessible to patients throughout the world.

Our focus is on the serious chronic diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people and are among the most urgent global health challenges.

By combining our innovation and commercial excellence, we draw upon insights from patients and partners to transform bold ideas into life-saving and preventive medicines.

We make long-term investments in novel treatments and technologies, including curative stem cell-based therapies, to continually advance the development of medical devices and digital health solutions.

When someone living with a chronic disease is not cared for properly, or left untreated altogether, they are at risk of developing life-threatening complications. In the case of diabetes, this could lead to amputations and loss of eyesight, and in some cases complications can be fatal.

Vulnerable communities and low-income countries are often hit the hardest. The cost and access to medical care can place a devastating burden on individuals, their families, and even whole societies.

Our long-term ambition is to provide access to affordable diabetes care for vulnerable patients in every country, especially children living with type 1 diabetes, who face certain death in some parts of the world without care and medicine.

We also invest in chronic disease prevention. Our ambition is to prevent more than 100 million people from getting type 2 diabetes by 2045. 

See how we are defeating diabetes.

Raghu Ramaswamy and Riyanka Dixit, Novo Nordisk India.